SanmenxiaUWin e-sports more juice co., LTD
UWin e-sports more juice

SanmenxiaUWin e-sports juice co., LTD., founded in more2014Years7Month,位于河南省Sanmenxia市高新技术产业园摩云路,The registered capital2956Ten thousand yuan。Is a collection of product research and development、Production、The sale is a body,Focus on all kinds of concentrated fruit and vegetable juice(Pulp)Etc series products、Customization and drinks for a number of well-known domestic enterprises to provide quality raw materials and formulation of services such as export-oriented private enterprises。

SanmenxiaUStick to win e-sports much juice co., LTD“Customer first,The second of employees,Shareholders in the third”The management idea,Comprehensive processing capacity5Ten thousand tons,Is agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise in henan province。

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