20Years of experience in catering chef team

    20Years of experience cooks

    CCTVNational brand plan

    CCTVNational brand plan

    Anywhere with learning,Save the budget

    Online teaching
    Anywhere with learning,Save the budget

    Popular project is recommended

    Nearly200Sell lots of snack food and beverage items

    Chicken and training
    Chicken and cook
    Have to sign up:3211Times Check immediately
    Stone bowl fish training
    Stone bowl of fish
    Have to sign up:3819Times Check immediately
    Training of scallion pancakes
    Scallion pancakes
    Have to sign up:1853Times Check immediately
    Pancake fruit training
    Chinese hamburge
    Have to sign up:4384Times Check immediately
    The small steamed bun training
    The small steamed bun
    Have to sign up:3567Times Check immediately
    Training of Fried dough sticks
    Deep-Fried Dough Stic
    Have to sign up:4927Times Check immediately
    Steamed vermicelli roll training
    Im powder
    Have to sign up:2372Times Check immediately

    Business support

    Training package to support entrepreneurship,Spend less Qian Xue more lessons

    10-20Square meters
    10-20Square meters
    Quick learning | Easier then | Saves the cost
    Snack stalls
    Snack stalls
    A small investment | Little risk | Faster to make a profit
    Meituan take-out
    Meituan take-out
    Without a facade | Lower pressure | The market trend
    Midnight snack partner
    Midnight snack partner
    Mass consumption | The market in one hundred | Small investment

    Company strength

    The standard of the research Strong backing Trustworthy

      Choose top teacher, Do catering cow force

      The teacher determines your technology
      Is not the number you want,Is the quality,Learning is not child's play
      Shoes can wear false,Learning to learn is worse than eating fake drugs

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      On the outside,Say, hutch
      Customers see you mouth water
      The boss see you eyes shine
      See you envy
      See yourself more see more happy
      Because you are not the same with them
      You are destined to good
      You are DE hutch person!

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