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After decades of continuous innovation,Eye from focusing on the specific functions of science and technology of single machine to complete production line,We can provide excellent solution。

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Eye of science and technology,Successfully imported for the production enterprise5000+Set of smart devices,500Enterprises accounted for72%

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Eye of science and technology

Eye technology was established2004Years,Is a high and new technology enterprise、The Chinese machine vision industry association governing units、The research and development institutions in guangzhou,To apply for the national patent36Items,In Shanghai、Shenzhen、Chengdu、The wuhan offices。Eye technology help in applying artificial intelligence technology in the field of industrial detection,For p&g、Molex、Huawei、Huaxing photoelectric、Jabil, and other enterprises to provide precision detection equipment and intelligent equipment,Cover assembly robot、Read the code label、Precision detection、Sorting packaging、Many applications such as handling pallet。Excellent customer experience is the starting point of the eye work。Companies based on features of industry set up branches with relative independence,Based on the local,Flexible decision-making autonomy,Ensure timely insight into customer needs and quick response。At the same time,Hui...
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