Tai\u2019an City tai shan district finances moving center has developed into a scale removal lifting transportation company。Workers have a strong professional dedication and skill,Under the company's training,Workers can skilled carry the piano,Tear open outfit furniture,Partition,Location,Air conditioning switching,To individual families、The size of the company factory and other enterprises and institutions to provide moving and packaging,Packaging service。Company equipped with moving vehicles and packaging packaging tools,Lifting tool,Can skilled carry all kinds of size boiler escalator、Machine tool industry、Distribution equipment such as lifting service、Rental hoisting tools(Crane forklift)。Fortune moving company with sincere attitude、Work、Preferential price;In a comprehensive manner, serves the masses of old and new customers。Everything with the interests of customers。Enthusiastic service,Be punctual and trustworthy。Wish our work to bring you convenient and enjoyable......【The detailed information

Tai\u2019an City tai shan district finances moving center

The phone:0538-6619978

A mobile phone:15064169448

Contacts:High manager


Address:Shandong Tai\u2019an City station street Dongguan gas station


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